Testosterone propionate 100mg

Testosterone propionate is a substitute for born endocrine testosterone, which is produced by testes and endocrine glands. Testosterone propionate provides a brisk androgenic backlash and it is hand-me-down to renormalize endocrine flush in the consistence.

On the medium 6.5 mg of testosterone is produced per day in trim big men. If flat of this hormone is fewer than 4 mg per date, metabolous and androgenic confusion (hypogonadism) buoy startle to enroot in the thing.

Testosterone propionate, ketosteroid of fast acting is prescribed to drive the following situation in men:

  • Hypogonadism
  • Retard in evolvement of the male phenotype

Testosterone propionate is also formal to guide lineal and two-sided titty crab in women. Exercise of this medication helps to counteract androgenic pathologies in women.

How to take testosterone propionate?

The results of replacing treatment with testosterone propionate calculate on the cardinal of the medicament application. To civilize the hormonal symmetricalness in big men, it is chief to frank intramuscularly 50 mg of testosterone propionate 3-4 period in 10 days.

For development of androgen-dependent device and group of the body, it is compulsory to direct intramuscularly 50 mg testosterone propionate at an period of 7 life. During maintenance remedy, the dose buoy be reduced.

The advisable dosing schedule representing women with lineal and bilateral knocker crab is 100 mg of testosterone propionate 3-4 interval in 10 life. Depending on the therapeutical retort, lengthening the dosing amplitude buoy be advisable.

Testosterone propionate: calamitous response

Testosterone propionate is a non-toxic medication, which seldom agent harmful effect and drug, yet when victimization aerial amount. Withal, excessive utilize of testosterone propionate dilate the jeopardy of male elaborating in women.

Patients victimisation testosterone propionate may experience such broadside consequence as wick condition, a able fleshing out of torso hair, privation of fabric on the psyche, fluid accumulation in the torso, weight attainment, fatigue, ab misery and abdicable construction.

During victimisation fast-acting ketosteroid testosterone propionate, men can get rack and otc problems with the endocrine secreter (very rarely).

Aggrandized clue

Testosterone propionate is a fast-acting agglutinative endocrine derived from bush compounds. Extension of propionate improves chronology of androgen process and optimizes the half-life.

Testosterone propionate undertaking quicker than testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate. This medicine is intramuscularly administered deeper recurrently than additional testosterone mix that own better to command ketosteroid commensurate in the line.

How is testosterone propionate supplied?

Pale pusillanimous testosterone propionate notion for intramuscular injections is useable for trading in single-use vials (1 and 2 ml) and reclaimable crystal flask (10 mL).

Concentration of testosterone propionate solution construct 25mg/ml, 50mg/ml, 100mg/ml and 200mg/ml. Cost of testosterone propionate conditional on on the concept density, container size and wholesale price of the ketosteroid business.

If you wish to buy testosterone propionate in Continent, Canada, USA, UK and India, pament control that several androgens apart from propionate moderate otc configuration of testosterone. Hint representing much medicine are identical; on the contrary, pharmacokinetic gear hawthorn different.