Testosterone pills for bodybuilding

Since testosterone is a sexual male hormone, it is associated with sexual desire and potency in many of us. In addition to these properties, the sex hormone has a potent anabolic effect and increases muscle mass and strength parameters.

This feature has led to the active use of testosterone pills in bodybuilding and other strength sports. This article covers how and why anabolic steroids are used in bodybuilding, all pros and cons of their administration.

Today the market of products for bodybuilding offers a large amount of testosterone boosters. Most testosterone boosters are manufactured in India and sold in specialty stores online.

In fact, there are natural and synthetic testosterone pills. Natural products are made from raw materials of plant origin, yet they do not have a good availability.

Natural products are able to maintain a high level of the hormone only for a short time, yet are better tolerated, because they cause fewer side effects.

Synthetic analogs of testosterone differ from the natural hormones by their chemical composition. They are better absorbed, have a longer period of action and provide good results.

It is for this reason that many athletes prefer drugs with synthetic testosterone. Typically, bodybuilders who use testosterone pills note an increase in the effectiveness of their trainings, as well as:

  • active muscle growth;
  • increase in endurance and power performance;
  • strengthening of spermatogenesis and sexual desire.

In addition, most of the testosterone supplements contribute to a more efficient fat burning. At that, synthetic testosterone pills that are used in bodybuilding contribute to a sharp increase of the hormone level in the blood, which increases the likelihood of side effects.

In sharp jumps of testosterone, athletes may experience heightened nervousness, anxiety, aggression, headaches and muscle spasms. Yet, unlike the injections, the daily administration of testosterone pills is relatively safe.

To reduce the chance of side effects, it is recommended to take a break for a few weeks after one course of testosterone. The break between the courses will allow the body to relax and help restore the level of natural testosterone in the body.

Despite the fact that testosterone is actively used in medical practice for the treatment of certain pathologies, most experts are against the use of testosterone pills for bodybuilding.

Studies have shown that the pituitary gland inhibits the production of natural hormone and sperm, when the body receives artificial testosterone and the hormone level increases.

The brain is incapable of distinguishing the artificial testosterone from the natural one and blocks the mechanism of sperm production. As a result, infertility is possible.

If bodybuilders take testosterone supplements in relatively low doses, the process of spermatogenesis can be restored, when they discontinue the supplement. In other cases, additional treatment may be required.

Therefore, before you decide to take testosterone pills, the athlete should thoroughly weigh all the pros and cons, estimate the positive benefit and the likelihood of side effects.